quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2008

Warsaw, Poland: Day 3

The Russians gave it, Danny enjoyed!

Winkle blasting a method over Danny.

The shit is so big!

TM's gotta work too! No sitting around for me...

The interview and the nice Warsaw sunset...

Mellow times in Poland, last night we stayed up all night long watching old videos, my man Kuba here has the largest collection of videos and magazines from the 90's, so a lot of old 411's went down... That's a lot inspiration! So we woke up on fire, but got caught in some polish traffic, just like LA but only 2 lanes and it's going nowhere! hahaha

Anyway, good thing is that in europe sun stays up until at least 10pm, so we had plenty of time to get things done! First we hit this spot which is the biggest building in Warsaw, a present from the Russians to the Polish population back into the Commies golden era. Some perfect marble ledges and Danny put a siiiiiiiiick line just for the Comrades! After that, we went to this 3 stair ledge at this school. Well it was another buttery session! I bet you dudes can't wait to see the next blind video!!!

Thanks for all the comments, Danny is felling it!

Cya tomorrow!

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marcelo disse...

salve...nossa mtu styleee as fotosss!!! qual revista vai sai a entrevista???

Pedro disse...

Method bem alta esse,hauahuhauha....
Danilo queria saber quem esta nessa tour com vc???é só vc de Pro???

Lucas Minhoca disse...