quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

Frankfurt, Germany: day 3

Danny - f/s tailslide kickflip out

Danny - halfcab noselide f/s big spin out

Waiting for the next train after we got kicked off!

Danny won the King of the Road, but he really wanted to be a Thrasher´s poser of the month... hahaha

Blind is blinging too!

The hard workers!

How many tricks can you land in one ledge in less than 1 hour?

All photos by: Pablo Vaz.

Today the weather was good, so we went back to the 1st spot we hited here in Frankfurt, but on the way we got kicked out of the train! We tried to get the ticktes from the vending machine, but it didnt take 200 euros bill, so we decided to buy the tickets from the lady on board, when she came I gave her the money and asked for the group ticket, but i dont why she started pretend that she didnt know any english (even though her tag said she spoke both english and german) anyway, she had the money in her hand and she was saying that we had to pay 40 euros each for the train ride! There was a struggle between Winks and the lady over the bill one time, but she was tuff, so he let it go, but you know us, we´re from the hood dog, ain´t no biatch is gonna rip us off for a 160 euros!!! So when she start writte off the fines Winks was faster and took the money from her and we jumped out of the train in the next stop! hahahaha So after all that we went skate, and more lines went down, but i guess everyone is pretty tired, i mean its been 22 days of tour... So we are all looking forward to go to Barcelona tomorrow and then chill at the topless beaches for a couple of days! hahaha Don´t get jealous!!!

Tomorow we leave Frankfurt in the afternoon, so it means no skate, it will be the day to put all the footage in the computers, check it out all the pictures we made so far and that kind of stuff.

Maybe we´ll come up with a nice surprise for you guys tomorow!!! So keep checking!!

Later dog!

And don´t forget that comments and questions are still welcome!!!

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