segunda-feira, 30 de março de 2009

Danny´s part at the converse square contest VIDEO!!

So back in december Danny was in a contest in Brazil, that went something like this:
- 15 skaters (such as Rodrigo Petersen, Fabio Cristiano, Rodrigo Lima, Alex Carolino)
- 3 hours per day to film, during 3 days at a real plaza that they found in the countryside of Brazil
- best video part wins

Danny came in second place with this banging part right here:

Danny Cerezini converse square contest video part! from danny cerezini on Vimeo.

Or can check it at youtube where they took the song out, fuck that shit!

For a lot of pictures from the contest, you can check 100%skate magazine website by clicking here:

Any comments??

Hasta luego dog!

quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Days 4 and 5

So after a hell of a saturday, we chilled for the sunday had a family lunch at this fancy italian restaurant then we stayed a bit at the skate plaza to talk to some friends, Danny went to a barbecue and latter on we showed up at this underground hip-hop party! No big deal, but we were really tired, so we bounced early and saved some energy for monday!

So monday is usually the lazy day, we didn´t felt like going out skating but we felt like skating anyway, so what we did? Fun session at Danny´s backyard mini ramp!!!! For you guys that don´t know back in the day, Danny and his brother built a mini ramp at their place, and it´s been there ever since.

The session was pretty fun, Danny has some crazy skills at transitions specially mini ramps, he can do like seriously 30 tricks line in a mini ramp so damn easy! After the session, Danny had Muay Thai classes with some friends, according to him it helps you in every way when it comes to skate and fall, plus those guys were running and doing aerobic exercises for over an hour! Alex Carolino was training with him too and some other guys including professional WCT surfer Jihad Khodr. Well i guess it takes more than skills to be a great skateboarder!!!

Well that was it for a weekend at Danny´s! Can´t wait for the next one! PEACE.

This one is to make you jealous!

Pivot fakie.

Switchstance crooks.

Backside tailslide.

Backside noseblunt.

Warming up for the class.

Muay thai is gnarly!

He´s been training this everyday!

Heavyweights of skateboarding fight! Danny Cerezini Vs. Alex Carolino!

"Momento cabuloso, Deus é caprichoso e uniu os vagabundo que nada mais querem que dominar o mundo!" -Mano Brown.

terça-feira, 24 de março de 2009

For you nerds that can´t wait, here´s the deal:

Pra quem não entendeu, é o seguinte, dia 10 de maio a Blind vai colocar no site deles 2 partes do video mais alguns extras!!! De quem serão as partes??

domingo, 22 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Day 3

The day pretty much started as usual, but we were pretty wasted from the night before hehehe! So when Rodrigo called us again, we were not sure if we were feeling like skating, but Danny is a warrior and decided to give it a shot!

We headed to the spot that end up being right in front of the Curitiba´s "White House", when we got there Rodrigo was already filming a line, and I guess that made Danny hyped, cause his warm up trick was a noseblunt slide first try, straight outta the car! DDDDDamn! Well Danny landed the same line 3 times just to make sure it was good enough for a video and we bounced to the skate plaza where Danny´s brother Bruno was was chilling with some friends, we skated for a bit more and then chilled with the crew.

By now you guys should already know how we celebrate a good day like this right?!?!?! PARTY! I guess it was lady nights out or something, cause things were wild until 8 in the morning!!!

Kickflip f/s nosebluntslide with Rodrigo behind the lens!

Kickflip f/s crooked grind.

Danny and his ride!

The crew having some beers at the skate plaza!

Check back tomorrow for the last update of this weekend at Danny´s!

Hasta luego!

sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Day 2

Day 2 - Friday 13/march/2009

Well the day started much like the last one, we woke up chilled on the internet for a bit, then we had that amazing lunch at the restaurant and called Rodrigo again. This time we went to the Curitiba skate plaza, the place is great!! We meet Rodrigo´s brother Rafael whos lives in Barcelona over there, if you ever in Barcy, go talk to him and he´ll show you all the spots around!

Anyway, Danny was killing all day long at the plaza, and end up the day trying a pretty HARD trick down the banks, Rodrigo took Winkle´s place this weekend and was filming Danny all the time! I mean, the deadline for the BLIND VIDEO is gone, but i´m sure they can always find a place for some crazy trick in his part while the video is not out yet!

After a nice sunset, we headed back home to get ready for one more party, Snoop Dogg´s DJ was playing in town that night, we went there, but the club didn´t open the doors until almost 1 am so chaos took place in the outside, and after waiting for almost 2 hours, we decided to leave for another party, actually a surf/skate party at this nice club. They even had a mini ramp demo at the place plus the hot females and the good music!!! Guess what time we got back home?

It was switchstance and it had some kickflip involved, now you do the math!

Rafael Petersen and Rodrigo Petersen!

Colored sunset at the plaza!

Snack time after the session.

More tomorrow guys!! Please leave a message if you dig it!

Ae rapaziada! Tudo certo?!?! Valeu ai por todo mundo que tem entrado no blog, eu sei que não é todo mundo que entende inglês, mas as vezes fica complicado colocar tudo em 2 linguas, então se tiver algo que alguem queira saber, só deixar uma mensagem perguntando. Ou comentem se vcs curtirem as matérias aqui do blog!


quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Day 1

So in the next few days, you guys are gonna see how´s a weekend at Danny´s life when he´s back home in Curitiba Brazil.

Day 01 - Thursday 12/march/2009

We wake up around 11 am, chilled for a bit and went straight to Danny´s family restaurant, maybe you guys don´t know but Danny and his family are into food business, they own a couple of restaurants, Danny´s brother and father take care of their newest restaurant, while Danny´s incredible mom takes care of the old one. All you can eat buffets are always welcome, so we had enough food for the upcoming day!

After lunch, our good friend Rodrigo Petersen called us for a session, we also called Mr. Pablo Vaz, and the afternoon mission was set! After a quick rain, we decided to chase a dry spot and end up meeting with some other friends so the session was complete! We skated for over 4 hours non stop, then we went straight home where Danny´s mom had a delicious meal waiting for us!

Well a day in Danny´s life cannot be complete without a gooooood party! So we went to this bar right in front of a skatepark called Ambiental, chilled with some hot chicks, kicked with some old friends like Carlos de Andrade, and bounced back home around 5 am!!!

Go back and try one more time!!

Should I tell the trick or keep the secret?!?!

Rodrigo landed a heavy maneuver!

This shit got pop!

Michell, Felipe, Roger and Danny waiting in the line!

Pictures by: Pablo Vaz

Come back tomorrow for Danny´s friday! Peace!

segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009

The new BLIND catalog + The Blind Video Premiere/Release dates!!!

Have you guys checked the latest BLIND interactive e-catalog for the spring 2009??? Well it´s online at the Blind website, click at the image above to see all the new products including 2 brand new boards for Danny and don´t forget to click on Danny´s name to see some video action! Also I would like to say that BLIND is doing a great job supporting legends like Kenny Hughes with it´s Brotherhood Series!!!

And in some other great news, for those who are dying to see the upcoming BLIND video, it's official: The BLIND VIDEO finally has a premiere and release date. The global premiere is May 7th, and the in-store date is May 15th. Here is the Cover: