quarta-feira, 25 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Days 4 and 5

So after a hell of a saturday, we chilled for the sunday had a family lunch at this fancy italian restaurant then we stayed a bit at the skate plaza to talk to some friends, Danny went to a barbecue and latter on we showed up at this underground hip-hop party! No big deal, but we were really tired, so we bounced early and saved some energy for monday!

So monday is usually the lazy day, we didn´t felt like going out skating but we felt like skating anyway, so what we did? Fun session at Danny´s backyard mini ramp!!!! For you guys that don´t know back in the day, Danny and his brother built a mini ramp at their place, and it´s been there ever since.

The session was pretty fun, Danny has some crazy skills at transitions specially mini ramps, he can do like seriously 30 tricks line in a mini ramp so damn easy! After the session, Danny had Muay Thai classes with some friends, according to him it helps you in every way when it comes to skate and fall, plus those guys were running and doing aerobic exercises for over an hour! Alex Carolino was training with him too and some other guys including professional WCT surfer Jihad Khodr. Well i guess it takes more than skills to be a great skateboarder!!!

Well that was it for a weekend at Danny´s! Can´t wait for the next one! PEACE.

This one is to make you jealous!

Pivot fakie.

Switchstance crooks.

Backside tailslide.

Backside noseblunt.

Warming up for the class.

Muay thai is gnarly!

He´s been training this everyday!

Heavyweights of skateboarding fight! Danny Cerezini Vs. Alex Carolino!

"Momento cabuloso, Deus é caprichoso e uniu os vagabundo que nada mais querem que dominar o mundo!" -Mano Brown.

11 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

que pasa mihijo ya cuando vengas te e de dar un parde clases de como golpear!!!!!!!!!!!!!jajajajjajja cuidate dog suerte

Pedro Parrini disse...

Nesse fight ai quem deu bola em quem carolino ou cerezini??!!


Guilherme disse...

Salve , apampa as fotos !!
Segue firme


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