quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Day 1

So in the next few days, you guys are gonna see how´s a weekend at Danny´s life when he´s back home in Curitiba Brazil.

Day 01 - Thursday 12/march/2009

We wake up around 11 am, chilled for a bit and went straight to Danny´s family restaurant, maybe you guys don´t know but Danny and his family are into food business, they own a couple of restaurants, Danny´s brother and father take care of their newest restaurant, while Danny´s incredible mom takes care of the old one. All you can eat buffets are always welcome, so we had enough food for the upcoming day!

After lunch, our good friend Rodrigo Petersen called us for a session, we also called Mr. Pablo Vaz, and the afternoon mission was set! After a quick rain, we decided to chase a dry spot and end up meeting with some other friends so the session was complete! We skated for over 4 hours non stop, then we went straight home where Danny´s mom had a delicious meal waiting for us!

Well a day in Danny´s life cannot be complete without a gooooood party! So we went to this bar right in front of a skatepark called Ambiental, chilled with some hot chicks, kicked with some old friends like Carlos de Andrade, and bounced back home around 5 am!!!

Go back and try one more time!!

Should I tell the trick or keep the secret?!?!

Rodrigo landed a heavy maneuver!

This shit got pop!

Michell, Felipe, Roger and Danny waiting in the line!

Pictures by: Pablo Vaz

Come back tomorrow for Danny´s friday! Peace!

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Moita!!! disse...

Boa danilooo...isso ai irmao!!! blog parece q vai voltar com força totalll..neh nao!?!?!
dai...da uma atualiza nas msuicas fazendo favorr...so pra dar uma renovada no ipod!!! se rolar...eh noixxxxxx!! abrax :)