domingo, 28 de junho de 2009

Danny in São Paulo!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but there´s nothing much happening anyways... Last week Danny was in São Paulo with Rodrigo Lima for a best trick contest! Actually it was a best line contest... Here some pics while the video isn´t done yet:

Danny: Half cab to bs 5-0

Lima: Bs tailslide

Danny´s fingerboard pro model!

Marreco, Laurence, Lima, Cerezini and Léo chilling after the finals.

Peace, and congratulations to Torey Pudwill for winning the CPH PRO 2009!

domingo, 14 de junho de 2009

22 and feeling good!

Yesterday was Danny´s birthday! So congratulations dog!

quarta-feira, 10 de junho de 2009

quinta-feira, 4 de junho de 2009

Danny´s top 5 about skateboarding!

5 skaters of all time:

-Guy Mariano
-Eric Koston
-Henry Sanchez
-Ronnie Creager
-Danny Way

5 brazilian skaters:

-Fabio Cristiano
-Rodrigo Tx
- Diego Chaverinho
-Marcos Mamá
-Danilo Dandy

5 vert skaters of all time:

-Bob Burnquist
-Danny Way
-Jake Brown
-Colin Mckay
-Rune Glifberg

Bs bigspin to fs bluntslide in Barcelona

5 styles in skateboarding:

-Brandon Biebel
-Tony Tave
-Geoff Rowley
-Tom Penny

5 skateboard videos:

-Flip Really Sorry
-Girl Yeah Right!
-Lakai Fully Flared
-The Blind Video!!!
-Girl Mouse

5 video parts:

-Mariano Lakai
-Jesus Fernandez Lakai
-Arto Saari Alien Mindfield
-Tony Tave This is my Element
-Rodrigo Tx The Firm

5 tricks you can´t do:

-No trick is impossible, you gotta try!

Switchstance kickflip to bs nosebluntslide in California

5 favorite tricks:

-360 kickflip
-Nollie bs flip
-Switchstance hardflip
-Switchstance bs flip

5 skate spots in Brazil:

-Vale do anhangabaú
-Curitiba Skate Plaza
-Setor bancário Brasilia
-That´s all! hahaha

5 reasons for having a mini ramp in the backyard:

-Good for feeling the board
-It´s right there straight outta of my house!!!

5 good things about growing up with a brother that also skates:

-Learning new stuff together
-Traveling together
-I can trust him
-And the best of it all: HE´S MY BRO, SAME BLOOD!! TAMO JUNTO!!!

Bs nosebluntslide in Lima

Peace ladies!

segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009


Too bad that this switchstance kickflip didn´t made it to BLIND VIDEO, cause it´s was beautiful!

Sorry for the wack picture, Pablo wasn´t around that time!

In other news Danny has a new TOP 5 in the works, so stay tuned cause it´ll be dropping here anytime this week!