quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008

Barcy is melting right now!!!!

I know, long time no news, I´m sorry but things are pretty mellow in Barcy right now, it´s mad hot so we can´t go out and skate before 6. Danny is skating flat at Uni pretty much everyday since skate is banned in MACBA! To bad, but that´s the way it is...
So today we saw Jani Laitiala in town, he´s staying at Winkle´s place and we are going out for a day of skating tomorrow!!! Day of skating with Danny and Jani = more pictures! And i´m gonna try to film a game of skate between them!!! So check back tomorrow!!

In meantime you can check Danny´s first video part, filmed when he was only 15/16 years old!!!


sexta-feira, 25 de julho de 2008

One man down! Pablo is gone... to Brasil!!!

So today the crew went separeted ways, I took Pablo to the airport (thanks Pablito for the amazing trip together we love you bro!!! Keep checking his website for more cool pics www.pablovaz.com) and after that I went to see Danny killing the manny pads in parallel with Winkle, I guess there´s another small video coming but this time only with manuals... Can´t wait!!!

In meantime just check the official video of the CPH Pro 2008 for some good memories and awesome skateboarding!!! Once again again thanx to the Skatepark of Tampa crew and it was good to see you guys skating here in Barcy!!!


quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008

A day of new spots in barcy!!!

The whole crew moving from one spot to another... I guess now you all know where one of these brand new spots is... But keep it secret hahaha

Skateboarding hurts, no matter how good you are!

Photos by Pablo Vaz.

Today the whole crew was together again, with some friends: Rodrigo Petersen, Vern Laird, Kris Vile, Marcos Mamá and a few others, it was a huge skate crew rolling through the streets of Barcy... We went to 2 brand new spots, a plaza with some nice ledges, and this perfect hill with marble banks all over it and some ledges into those banks, perfect for lines but only if u can skate fasssssssst.... Everything brand new and perfect!!!

Amazing session!

Cya tomorrow!

segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2008

Nasty mondays in Barcy! Have you been there?!?!?

Have you seen the new trailer for the upcoming Silver in Barcelona video? Well check it out to find out what Danny is up tonight! hahaha

Sorry but we just can´t miss a Nasty Monday at Felini... hahaha

So people are asking how long Danny is staying in barcy and what´s gonna happen to the blog after this eurotrip is over. Well Danny is staying here for a few weeks more, you know the deadline for the blind video is coming and Danny still on fire, so there´s no better place to be than barcy for that! Skate everyday!!
The blog will keep going after this trip, maybe it´s not gonna be daily updated, but at least 3 times a week!!!

Ae galera o blog vai continuar rolando mesmo depois dessa tour, não vai ser atualizado diariamente, mas vou tentar fazer isso pelo menos umas 3 vezes por semana com as news direto da califa, do brasa ou seja lá onde o Danilo estiver! Valeu!


domingo, 20 de julho de 2008

How many tricks can you land in less than 1 hour???

Well that day Danny broke his board but when we thought that the session was over he took Pablo´s board and landed 19 tricks just for fun. Forget about basic stuff! Only heavy shit counts!!!!

I think those guys in Frankfurt should name that ledge after Danny now...

That´s it for now... More skate tomorrow!


sábado, 19 de julho de 2008

Barcy madness!

As I promised, Danny with some nice topless BGP´s!!! hahaha Life is gooooood bro!

So last night Danny went party at Jamboree, and after party at this public pool that we always go here during the summer!!!

Today was beach day, it´s mad hot in here, impossible to skate before 6, so we spent the whole afternoon chilling.... After that, Danny went skate in Uni because police was in Macba and Parallel. Things are getting sketchy in here too!!!

Now it´s time to get pimp and go party again!!!


sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2008

Goodbye Germany, Hola Barcelona!!!!

Airport of Frankfurt, next stop Barcy!!!!

The crew and little Jay waiting for the train!

We had a great time in Germany thanks to Otto, Yve and little Jay!!! Well the traveling part of the tour is gone! Now we´re gonna chill in Barcy for a couple of days before we start skate again!!

Come on! We deserve... hahahaha

See you guys tomorrow, hopefully with topless girls in the BGP of the photos! hahahaha

By the way the surprise is that we made a little video, but Danny forgot to upoload it, so we´re gonna do that and post it tomorrow!


quinta-feira, 17 de julho de 2008

Frankfurt, Germany: day 3

Danny - f/s tailslide kickflip out

Danny - halfcab noselide f/s big spin out

Waiting for the next train after we got kicked off!

Danny won the King of the Road, but he really wanted to be a Thrasher´s poser of the month... hahaha

Blind is blinging too!

The hard workers!

How many tricks can you land in one ledge in less than 1 hour?

All photos by: Pablo Vaz.

Today the weather was good, so we went back to the 1st spot we hited here in Frankfurt, but on the way we got kicked out of the train! We tried to get the ticktes from the vending machine, but it didnt take 200 euros bill, so we decided to buy the tickets from the lady on board, when she came I gave her the money and asked for the group ticket, but i dont why she started pretend that she didnt know any english (even though her tag said she spoke both english and german) anyway, she had the money in her hand and she was saying that we had to pay 40 euros each for the train ride! There was a struggle between Winks and the lady over the bill one time, but she was tuff, so he let it go, but you know us, we´re from the hood dog, ain´t no biatch is gonna rip us off for a 160 euros!!! So when she start writte off the fines Winks was faster and took the money from her and we jumped out of the train in the next stop! hahahaha So after all that we went skate, and more lines went down, but i guess everyone is pretty tired, i mean its been 22 days of tour... So we are all looking forward to go to Barcelona tomorrow and then chill at the topless beaches for a couple of days! hahaha Don´t get jealous!!!

Tomorow we leave Frankfurt in the afternoon, so it means no skate, it will be the day to put all the footage in the computers, check it out all the pictures we made so far and that kind of stuff.

Maybe we´ll come up with a nice surprise for you guys tomorow!!! So keep checking!!

Later dog!

And don´t forget that comments and questions are still welcome!!!

quarta-feira, 16 de julho de 2008

Frankfurt, Germany: day 2

Since nothing much happened today, here some randoms pictures from the whole trip!

Danny told me last night he still can smell this money hahaha.

Good times in CPH, Danny, Rodrigo Petersen and Rob G.

High Torey and Danny!

Danny, Jereme and Tk chilling in CPH

For the ladies that were wondering why he won the Sexyest dude award:

Danny is already working out to defend the title next year!

Danny and Ian in Prague!

Chima and Danny in Prague, check it out Chima´s blog www.theflyingcoffin.blogspot.com

Winks and Danny in a f/s bluntslide to high 5 in Warsaw!

Sunset in Villnius.

Warm up 50-50 in Villnius! Thanks kids for showing us this spot!

Today we woke up very excited, but when we arrived in downtown Frankfurt, it started to rain... Bullshitttttt! I mean we can´t control the weather so we came back home and we´re chilling listening to Wu Tang all Stars check it out:

terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008

Frankfurt, Germany: day 1

Yo dudes, take everything out! We can only carry 15 kilos each! hahaha

Danny is wanted for trespassing...

...and for murdering those ledges! nollie heelflip f/s tailslide!

this spot is huge and has everything!

They were working... on their tans! hahaha

Is your videomaker this funny?

Is your TM this gnarly? hahaha

Is your photographer this smooth?

Is your crew this good looking? hahaha

Photos by Pablo Vaz.

Well last night we got here pretty late, after get ripped off by the flight company in 200 euros because of luggage overweight... It´s all good cause things still working for us.

Our friend Otto and his wife were waiting for us at 3 in morning. They took us home and when we woke up this morning and they have prepared a niceeeee breakfast for us, after that we took the train to Frankfurt downtown to meet some locals. They showed us this really nice spot that they have built in a wasteland!!! Amazing! Danny was feeling it, and in a few hours he landed amazing tricks, just today he got 3 really good single tricks and a buttery line!!! Seems like this spot will be seen in the upcoming blind video!!!

Thanks for all the locals to let us skate there and much respect for making that place real!

Danny is on fire, can´t wait for tomorrow!


segunda-feira, 14 de julho de 2008

Villnius, Lithuania: Day 3, day off!

So today we took the day off cause we gotta take the plane to Germany, and we wanna wake up tomrrow with fresh legs for Frankfurt! So no pictures today but we gotta a little surprise, the video we made at the 15th Mystic skate cup in Prague!!! Check it out and let us know what do you think about it!!!


domingo, 13 de julho de 2008

Villnius, Lithuania: Day 2: Winkles Day!

Danny - cave man boardslide with the proper BGP´s!


Winks and the ladys!

Not even the rain can stop the world famous Thomas Winkle!

Everyone loves this dude!

Photos by: Pablo Vaz.

So last night we partied harrrrrrd at the PACHA club here, and because of that we woke up late and went skating, but on the way started to rain sooooooo bad that we came back home, on the way Winkle decided that no matter what happens he will have fun!!! So he stared to swimin at the streets and became a show-man!!! This dude is the joy of the whole tour!

Anyways, after the rain, we went to skate the same plaza that we got kicked out last night, Danny got a trick, but slamed pretty bad trying other one and give up...

Well tomorow we will wake up early to skate because it´s our last day in Lithuania, and at 6:30 pm we´ll fly to Frankfurt, the last stop of the tour before we hit Barcelona!!!

That´s it for now!!!

Ae pra galera que quer saber mais da tour em portugues, da uma olhada no site do nosso fotógrafo: Pablo Vaz.

sábado, 12 de julho de 2008

Villnius, Lithuania: Day 1

So long Warsaw!!! Thanks for everything Kuba! You are the man!

Welcome to Villnius

Feel the ledge!!!

Nice sunset out here!!!

So we are out of Poland, fun times, good spots, nice friends! Big thanks to Kuba, the man responsable for the whole thing in Warsaw! If you ever go to Warsaw and you don´t hang out with Kuba you fucked it up!!!!!

Right now we´re in Lithuania, after a 9 hours bus journey. But it´s all good, we got ourselfs a niiiice flat, the weather is good, pretty girls all over the place!!! It´s mini skirt season out here!!! hahaha
First we hit the main spot, but an old lady called the cops, and we got kicked out... Luckly we found some locals and they took us to this perfect marble ledge!!! It was a buttery session! Danny got 3 sequences... After that we went check out other spots for tomorrow.
Right now we are chilling at the flat, getting ready for some party time!!!!!!

I´ll tell you something, this trip is on fireeeee! I wish we had more time in Lithuania! Anyways...

Cya tomorrow!

Ae valeu pelos comentários!! Pedro, quando a gente vai pra um lugar novo, geralmente a gente tenta entrar em contato com algum local, assim como fizemos na Polonia, agora se nao conseguirmos, a gente vai saindo remando e buscando picos, ou perguntando pros locais! Nessa tour meu amigo Felipe ja conhecia estes países entao ja tinhamos uma noção... É isso, abraço! - Danilo.

quinta-feira, 10 de julho de 2008

Warsaw, Poland: Day 4

Holly Ollie! Well switch ollie...

Old Town monuments...

Old Town of Warsaw! Amazing.

I love our van! Chilling times for me and Winks.

2 weeks of fun so far!

Photos by Pablo Vaz.

Today we woke up a little bit earlier, the first stop was a perfect marble double set in a church, but guess what, God only gave us one warm up try before he kicked us out of there! Well Danny got a switch ollie on it for the blog! hahaha
Then we went back to the main spot and with no Osiris tour around and less people Danny blasted a goooooood line! I'll tell something, the last time i saw that spot in a video, the guy became a legend!
Anyways, after that we went to several spots including some touristic places in the old town, but Danny wasn't felling, so we end end in the airport of Warsaw, nice spot but we got kicked out again, so we found a gap at another terminal, it was big, but well you know skateboarding.... So we decided to go mellow and went to the marble ledges in this tennis court and wowwww Danny is about to blow some minds with the tricks he was trying!!!

That's all I have to say for now...

Tomorrow will be our last day in Poland. At 11pm we catch a bus to Lithuania, to hit some spots that i guarantee you never seen before! So keep checking...


A entrevista vai estar saindo na SKT, a quem esta comigo na tour e o Winkle (videomaker), Pablo Vaz (fotografo) e o Felipe (manager). Todo mundo anda de skate tambem, so olhar as fotos das postagens anteriores... E no meio da tour eu to sempre encontrando com outros amigos, Jeremes Rogers, Brandon Biebel, Terry Kennedy, Chima Fergunson e por ai vai, da uma olhada nas fotos pra vc ver! - Danilo Cerezini.


quarta-feira, 9 de julho de 2008

Warsaw, Poland: Day 3

The Russians gave it, Danny enjoyed!

Winkle blasting a method over Danny.

The shit is so big!

TM's gotta work too! No sitting around for me...

The interview and the nice Warsaw sunset...

Mellow times in Poland, last night we stayed up all night long watching old videos, my man Kuba here has the largest collection of videos and magazines from the 90's, so a lot of old 411's went down... That's a lot inspiration! So we woke up on fire, but got caught in some polish traffic, just like LA but only 2 lanes and it's going nowhere! hahaha

Anyway, good thing is that in europe sun stays up until at least 10pm, so we had plenty of time to get things done! First we hit this spot which is the biggest building in Warsaw, a present from the Russians to the Polish population back into the Commies golden era. Some perfect marble ledges and Danny put a siiiiiiiiick line just for the Comrades! After that, we went to this 3 stair ledge at this school. Well it was another buttery session! I bet you dudes can't wait to see the next blind video!!!

Thanks for all the comments, Danny is felling it!

Cya tomorrow!