terça-feira, 1 de julho de 2008

Czech Republic: Prague Day 1 and 2.

Sunny Prague!

The crew and the view!

Some hard work was going on!

Danny b/s ollie 360.

Winkle and Danny!

The worker dude!

This is how we chill, dog!

So we´re finally in Prague, on our way here I was thinking how we´re gonna have a better time then Copenhagen, but i guess i´ve already got an answer in the first day. Yesterday we kept melow, chilling at the hotel, so today we woke up on fireeeeee, ready for na epic session at Stalin plaza!

We got there and Kennedy, Rogers and Decenzo were already murdering those ledges, so i guess that put Danny in the mood, cause it only took 10 minutes before he starts lading some killer lines!

This place is always amazing, some good vibe around plus the always amazing sights!

Winkle was on fire aswell filming Danny and everyone else non-stop, even I got a line.

So right now we are chilling at the hotel, listening to Souls of Mischief, talking about some epic contest footage at the best of 411 vol 1 and Winks is working at Dannys footage from Copenhagen, so you can check it out here soon!!

That´s it for now....

Ando don´t forget to check out our friends from http://www.sk8site.com for more footage of Prague, and www.tackyworld.com for more footie of the CPH PRO.

Cya tomorowwwwww!


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