sexta-feira, 4 de julho de 2008

Prague: day 5. Some hammers went down at the Stalin plaza!

Today the contest starts for the Europeans, so we went to the Stalin again cause Danny wanted to film this awesome trick, which i´m gonna keep in secret hahaha! Besides that it was the day to make sure everything is ok for the next stop: Poland!

Tonight this brazilian tv (SPORTV) will be broadcasting a live interview with Danny! I´m trying to upload Danny´s footie from the CPH Pro, but since the Hotel does not have internet, this is being a little bit too hard, well i´m doing my best! Hope it´ll be up tonight!

By the way and have some nice pics that Koston took during the CPH pro and Danny is in the frontpage! I told you he was a fan of Danny too! hahaha

Pictures by: ERIC KOSTON

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