segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2008

Warsaw, Poland: Day 1

I was walking to the hotel last night and i saw this image, i took a picture cause i thought it was a bum, but when I walked by i heard someone screaming my name, guess who was??? The one and only: Thomas Winkle, resting on the streets after some amazing party time! hahaha

Lunch time at the train.

Warsaw central station, the crew and Kuba!

One more year, one more epic weekend in Prague, the last party was awesome! Everyone had fun... We got home at 6:30 am and we had to catch the train to Poland at 10 am... so no one slept good.... The train was pretty mellow and after more then 8 hours we got here, and our friend Kuba from was waiting for us!!! Much props to this dude cause he make things happen here in Warsaw!
It's raining now so we'll see what tomorow will offer to us.

Thanks for the comments!

Valeu pelos comentarios! A gente vai ta fazendo um video da tour sim, mais pra frente eu falo como vai ser tudo!!!!


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bruno disse...

Ae danilo Trip loka mesmo em rapá... altas minas tbm né mano ahahaahh isso ae rapá!!!
éh noixxx ..Boa sorte a na terra do Papa..

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marcelo disse...

salve...mtu style a iniciativa de fazer um blog !!! all day check out!

Pedro disse...

é isso ai danilo vo aguardar o videoo!!!!
Good tricks in the week.....

Anônimo disse...


Anônimo disse...

Hope Warsaw is not the only place you will come in Poland. Poland is big and we have good spots in others cities:)