quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008

A day of new spots in barcy!!!

The whole crew moving from one spot to another... I guess now you all know where one of these brand new spots is... But keep it secret hahaha

Skateboarding hurts, no matter how good you are!

Photos by Pablo Vaz.

Today the whole crew was together again, with some friends: Rodrigo Petersen, Vern Laird, Kris Vile, Marcos Mamá and a few others, it was a huge skate crew rolling through the streets of Barcy... We went to 2 brand new spots, a plaza with some nice ledges, and this perfect hill with marble banks all over it and some ledges into those banks, perfect for lines but only if u can skate fasssssssst.... Everything brand new and perfect!!!

Amazing session!

Cya tomorrow!

3 comentários:

Pedro disse...

isso aeee........brazucas dominando barçy!!!

Anônimo disse...

Skating the city is cool, everybody's got the right to go wherever you want to...but, please, think about the locals...respect the spots, forget posting photos of them or giving directions to them or it would be the end of skating in the city. The more you show, the less you can skate it.


Anônimo disse...

que os jodan! what the fuck is "barcy" ???? barcelona is Barcelona, no barcy and shits, go home!!!!!!!