domingo, 13 de julho de 2008

Villnius, Lithuania: Day 2: Winkles Day!

Danny - cave man boardslide with the proper BGP´s!


Winks and the ladys!

Not even the rain can stop the world famous Thomas Winkle!

Everyone loves this dude!

Photos by: Pablo Vaz.

So last night we partied harrrrrrd at the PACHA club here, and because of that we woke up late and went skating, but on the way started to rain sooooooo bad that we came back home, on the way Winkle decided that no matter what happens he will have fun!!! So he stared to swimin at the streets and became a show-man!!! This dude is the joy of the whole tour!

Anyways, after the rain, we went to skate the same plaza that we got kicked out last night, Danny got a trick, but slamed pretty bad trying other one and give up...

Well tomorow we will wake up early to skate because it´s our last day in Lithuania, and at 6:30 pm we´ll fly to Frankfurt, the last stop of the tour before we hit Barcelona!!!

That´s it for now!!!

Ae pra galera que quer saber mais da tour em portugues, da uma olhada no site do nosso fotógrafo: Pablo Vaz.

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