sábado, 27 de dezembro de 2008

Thanks all you guys for a great year!

This is the last post of the year, and what a year, i must say!!! Danny would like to thank everyone that have been following this blog, and everyone that he meet along the way in this great year, IT´S BEEN REAL!! 2008 was amazing, so many trips, new places, new friends, so many good and also a few bad moments, but in the end it´s all worthed!
Danny is gonna keep this going for 2009 with a lot of surprises, but now it´s time for some holidays in Brasil! Again, thanks and keep looking forward for the upcoming BLIND video and for this new video from FTS productions called "a place for everybody" because Danny is gonna have a full part in this one too!!! Here´s the trailer:



Ae, este é o ultimo post do ano e o Danilo gostaria de agradecer todo mundo que tem acompanhado o blog e todo mundo que de alguma forma positiva contribuiu para que o ano de 2008 fosse tão bom!!! Em 2009 o blog segue, mas agora é hora de umas merecidas férias no Rosa! Não esqueçam de dar uma olhada nesse novo trailer de um video que os brasileiros que vivem em barcelona idealizaram e o qual o Danilo vai ter uma parte completa além de partes com o Rodrigo Gerdal, Marcos Mamá, etc..

Feliz ano novo pra todos, muito amor, paz, respeito e SKATEEEEE!

segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

X-mas news!

Merry christmas to everyone! ! Danny still in Brasil, the results for the contest I told you guys in the last post were great, Danny got 2nd place, the contest was way different, every skater had 3 hours a day for 3 days to film a video part in a plaza in Brasil, the best part wins!! Nice isn´t it? Well the DVD with all the footy will come in the next issue of a brazilian skatemag called 100%skate and it will be posted here as soon as it comes out!!!!

For now i have a little gift for all you guys, a small commercial that bones wheels put out in their website with Danny and his brazilian team-mate Felipe Gustavo. ENJOY!!!


terça-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2008

Master at work!

Long time no talk, but I got news, Danny is back in Brazil after a month in the States filming his last tricks for the upcoming blind video, he came back for a real street contest (invitational only), it means street spots!!! Pictures from the contest are coming sooooon!
Well the good news is that while Danny was in Cali, he stopped by the SILVER skate park, for a killer session, 38 tricks in 1 afternoon?!?!?! Click at the picture for the link or watch it straight from youtube!!! Thanks to the Silver crew and especially to James Riff for filming and editing this video!