domingo, 29 de junho de 2008

Denmark: day 4 - Guess who won?!?!?!?!

Happy or what?!?!


That shit was louuuuuuuuud!

Danny and some fan!

Waiting for his run.

Cabaleriall b/s Lipslide

Hardflip over the eurogap!

Nollie noseblunt slide.

After the nollie flip b/s lipslide there´s was no doubt about who was the champ!

Check out the fuel tv for the whole interview!

The trophy.

You can count it!

All pictures by Pablo Vaz:

That´s right! Danny won the whole thingggggggg!
1st place at the contest, 2nd place at the best trick and the award for the sexiest dude skating! hahahahaha Buttery!
Funny thing is that you already know that Danny was partying until almost 6 am.
Im speachless, it was a great weekend, much love for everyone that showed up, to Ryan and the skatepark of tampa crew!

Danny is right by my side saying: "life is gooooooooooooood!" That´s right, Danny was just having fun and doing what he loves the entire weekend, and I guess that´s why he won the whole shit!!! GOOD VIBE in Copenhagen!

CPH Pro 2008 Final Street Results:
1. Danny Cerezini (BRA, $10,000)
2. Diego Oliveira (BRA, $7,000)
3. Eero Anttila (FIN, $6,000)
4. Jereme Rogers (USA, $5,000)
5. John Rattray (SCO, $4,000)
6. Eric Koston (USA, $3,000)
7. Elton Melonio (BRA, $2,000)
8. Daniel Vieira (BRA, $1,800)
9. Matt Beach (USA, $1,600)
10. Rob Gonzales (USA, $1,400)
11. Pontus Alv (SWE, $1,200)
12. Willian Seco (BRA)
13. Jani Laitala (FIN, $1,000, Did not skate)

Best trick results:
1. Diego Oliveira - Nollie flip frontside 5-0 down the handrail ($1,500)
2. Danny Cerezini - Nollie flip front board to fakie down the rail ($1,200)
3. Lewis Marnell - Switch bigspin flip down the Carlsbad ($1,000)
4. Willian Seco - Nollie heel boardslide down the rail ($500)
5. Jereme Rogers - Switch heel boardslide down the handrail $300


Fim de campeonato e não podia dar outra, Brasil bombando! Danilo ganhou o campeonato, 2 lugar na melhor manobra e o premio de cara mais SEXY do campeonato hahahahahaha. Diego Oliveira 2 lugar no campeonato e 1 lugar no best trick!
Foi um dos melhores campeonatos que eu ja estive, as melhores festas, comida e bebida grátis o dia todo, ótima vibe, belas chicas...
Muito respeito pra todo mundo que compareceu e pros caras do Skatepark of Tampa por organizarem tudo!


Felipe e Danilo!

sábado, 28 de junho de 2008

Denmark day 3 1/2: The afterparty! And the one before too...

Free booze all day long thanks to these girls!!!

Danny´s warming up at the big bowl. Ollie to fakie

The crew with the free booooooooooze!

More after party!

Winkle got them allllllllllllllllllll!

Pre-party, Danny checking the Vert contest!

So as i promised, here´s a post from the afterparty, which by the way was insaneeeee, good to see pretty much everyone that made to the finals at the club! And even better to see that pretty much everyone got a piece of Denmark tonight! hahaha

Before that we went to check out the vert contest and the warm up party! Much love for the skateparkoftampa party team for making this happen!

I swear, this is by far one of the most amazing contest that i was ever at! Danny says the same!

We just got back from the club, it´s 5:30 am and the finals starts at 3pm, so check it back later for more pics, the results and some video clips!!!!!



Denmark: Day 3!!! Danny in the finals!!!

Danny - Nollie fs 5-0

Danny at the jam session!

Danny after his run!

So what´s up!!!! Here things couldn´t be any better! The contest is crazyyyyy everyone is killing it! Seriously hard work for the judges! Danny qualified at 3rd place, killing it during the jam session! Koston qualified 2nd and Brazilian ripper Diego Oliveira at 1st with some amazing tricks down the big rail! (f/s 180 over the rail to swich 5-0).

Top 12:
1-Diego Oliveira
2-Eric Koston
3-Danny Cerezini
4-Jani Laitiala
5-Rob Gonzalez
6-Eero Antilla
7-Jereme Rogers
8-Pontus Alv
9-Daniel Viera
10-John Rattray
11-Elton Melonio
12-Matt Beach

Now it´s party time! Check out later for more pictures!
That´s right there´s gonna be 2 posts today!



sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2008

Denmark: Day 2!!! The skatepark is on fire....

Blind rippers! Danny and Jani!

This is how they chill!

Babybowl session:

Party time!

Getting things done! Danny (nollie noseblunt), Winkle and Pablo!

Danny - s/s flip over the eurogap!

Jan:i s/s 360 flip over the eurogap!

So I must say that we just LOVEEEE this city, there´s an awesome vibe around here! It was raining in the morning so no street spots, we went straight to the contest, and what a surprise to see a pretty melow course, everyone loved it! Everyone got to know that those guys from the skatepark of tampa, are masters in how to organize a contest. Remember back in the day when everyone used to show up for the european summer contests?? It wasn´t because of the money, it was because of the fun!! And today everyone had a great time!

The warm up was heavyyyy, everyone was on fire: Koston, Rogers, Kennedy, Jani, Luypa, Janonski, Biebel, Matt Beach!!!!!!!!!, Marnell, Pudwill, Petersen, Getz, Brenes.... I can keep going with name for a few lines...
Danny was killing it too, wait to see the sequence of the nollie noseblunt slide at the banks!! BUTTER!!!

After the warm up they did a babybowl contest, and Danny was invited to be part of it with Koston and Beach!!! Mad funny!
Then there was a barbecue with free beers to everyone and some really nice DJS playing! Ohhh and I must not forget the pretty ladys all over the place!

So after all that we finally went to an after party at the VEGA club, once again everyone was there! Good news is that the contest does not starts until 2 pm!
Thumbs up for the organization of the contest!!! Check out the live broadcast at .

For more photos of the contest check Pablo´s (the photographer) website .

Cya tomorow! Peaceeeee

And keep sending questions!


quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008

Copenhagen, Denmark: Day 1!

Ok so now it´s for real, i just meet Danny and Pablo here in Copenhagen and we so excited about the whole trip! Our first stop of course was Christiania, where we joined our friends Brandon Biebel, Jesus Fernandez, Stephan Janonski, Torey Pudwill, Gabe, Lewis Marnell and many others, the city is on FIREEEE right now! Good weather, it´s 10:30 and it still sunny outside! Seems like where are gonna have to party with some daylight!

Tomorow we will be hiting some street spots in the morning and then we´re going to the skatepark to check out the Copenhagen Pro street course.

Check the blog tomorow for some actionnnnnn!




E aí, Pedro na boa?!?!?! Por aqui tudo suave, o video deve ta saindo daqui uns 4 meses, até que todo mundo esteja satisfeito com as partes... A vida como pro, não é muito diferente da de amador a não ser pela responsa que é muito maior! Eu to viajando muito mais pra divulgar meu nome, mais demos e tal. No mais é isso, fica na paz!

Abraço, Danilo.

terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008

Top 3 Danny Cerezini!

Top 3 – Danilo Cerezini

-3 countries you have visited:

Greece, Spain, Venezuela

-3 countries you wanna go soon:

Portugal, Italy, Brasil

-3 things that you are looking forward on this tour:

Be focus about getting different tricks in different spots.

Touring with a small crew always helps you get more things done

Get to know more places of the world

-3 reasons why you spend summer in Brasil:

Family, Friends and all the Hot Hot Girls.

-3 parts for the next Blind video:

Ronnie Creager for sure!

Filipe Ortiz is gonna have a killer part.

Grant Paterson

-3 best video parts of all time:

Rodrigo Lima – Shorty´s How to go Pro

Rodrigo Tx – Can´t Stop The Firm

Guy Mariano – Lakai Fully Flared

-3 reasons that makes Europe different from the other places:

The amazing spots, marble everywhere... I wish Brasil was like that!

The freedom.

The culture of all the countries.

-3 european skaters:

Jesus Fernandez, Javier Sarmiento, Daniel Lebron

-3 european girls:

The naughty Swedish ones

The Sexy Italian ones

And the ones from Prague, only whos been there knows what i´m talking about! hahaha

-3 places you love in Barcelona:

Macba All Day

Fiesta Too Good

Playa for sureeeeeeee!

-3 good things about the european contests:

There´s always a lot of hot girls!

Hanging out with friends from all over.

And if I make some money out it, even better!

-3 bad things about the european contests:

Waking up early.

It´s always mad hot!

When it rains.

-3 memories about winning The King of the Road 2007:

Me helping the Blind team WIN!

What that represents for the company and the for myself as a skater.

Getting a chance to do it all over again in 2008!

-3 things you wanna say:

Today is the day, yesterday is the book of knowledge and tomorow is the sum of all the events

Be important to yourself.

Live the now, cause time goes by and never comes back!

segunda-feira, 23 de junho de 2008

It´s onnnnn!

So as you might know, Danny Cerezini is filming his part for the upcoming Blind video and shooting photos for an interview, so from this thursday on, we will be hiting new spots in europe! The dates are:

26 to 30 of june: Copenhagen - Denmark
30 of june to 7 of july: Prague - Czech Republic
7 to 11 of july: Warsaw - Poland
11 to 14 of july: Villnius - Lithuania
14 till 18 of july: Frankfurt - Germany
anf then from the 18 july till we dont know when, we will be in Barcelona!!!

So keep checking for tons of pics and videos in the next few days and a TOP 3 with Danny tomorow!!!

And if there´s anything you wanna know from Danny, he´ll be answering all the questions on the posts!

So leave your comment and peace!!!!


Danilo Cerezini esta em turnê pela europa filmando para o novo video da marca BLIND e fazendo fotos para uma entrevista, nas próximas semanas ele e seus amigos (Winkle: filmagens, Pablo: fotos e Felipe: entrevista) vão passar pela Dinarmarca, República Checa, Polônia, Lituânia, Alemanha e é claro, Espanha!

Neste Blog você vai poder ver tudo sobre essa turnê através de atualizações diárias. Então fique atento para fotos, videos e pequenas entrevistas com Danilo!

Mandem suas perguntas nos comentários que o Danilo vai estar respondendo tudo!