sábado, 28 de junho de 2008

Denmark: Day 3!!! Danny in the finals!!!

Danny - Nollie fs 5-0

Danny at the jam session!

Danny after his run!

So what´s up!!!! Here things couldn´t be any better! The contest is crazyyyyy everyone is killing it! Seriously hard work for the judges! Danny qualified at 3rd place, killing it during the jam session! Koston qualified 2nd and Brazilian ripper Diego Oliveira at 1st with some amazing tricks down the big rail! (f/s 180 over the rail to swich 5-0).

Top 12:
1-Diego Oliveira
2-Eric Koston
3-Danny Cerezini
4-Jani Laitiala
5-Rob Gonzalez
6-Eero Antilla
7-Jereme Rogers
8-Pontus Alv
9-Daniel Viera
10-John Rattray
11-Elton Melonio
12-Matt Beach

Now it´s party time! Check out later for more pictures!
That´s right there´s gonna be 2 posts today!



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