segunda-feira, 25 de agosto de 2008

So long Europe!!!

Last day of MACBAAAAA!

Last night at LA RAMBLASSSSSS!

É nóis! Brotherhood!

So this is it, the Euro tour is over for Danny! It´s been 2 months and we´ve done a loooooot of things... Danny is now going back to LA and by the 3rd of september he´s going to Brasil for a few days. The blog will go on, so make sure you stop by here once in a while.... We still have a few more videos to release in youtube in the next days!!!

Danny says: Thanks for everyone who´s been checking my blog, I hope you guys liked, thanks for all the support all the messages and you guys feel free to keep in touch and writte me! Much respect for everyone that helped us out in this tour, Kuba in Poland, the kids from Lithuania, Otto in Frankfurt, and the list goes onnnnn... THANKS!

Danilo diz: Valeu todo mundo que tem acompanhado o blog, espero que vocês tenham gostado, o blog vai continuar rolando, então sempre que puderem, passem por aqui! Valeu por todas as messagens, o apoio e fiquem a vontade pra me escrever aqui, que na medida do possível eu vou respondendo!!! Obrigado! E não esqueçam de comprar a revista SKT do mês de setembro pra dar uma conferida na minha entrevista feita durante essa tour!

Peace brothas!

sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008

Last weekend in Barcelona...

So this euro trip is coming to an end, this is the last weekend of Danny in Barcy, he´s going back to LA on the 26 and then he´s thinking about going to Brasil for a couple weeks in the begining of september. The crew will keep in touch and the blog will go on!! Pablo is already back in Brasil working hard check his blog, Winkle will be filming Jani Laitiala in Barcy and maybe in another places around europe, much props for this guy for helping this Blind video... and me, Felipe, i´ll be going to Russia to kick with my friends from Santa Cruz and then i´ll go for a lonely mission in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Slovenia and Croacia looking for more brand new spots to hit in the next euro tour!!!

Well that´s it for now, tomorrow Danny is going to skate the banks to ledge spot in Molins de Rey, i´ll try to get some footie for you guys!!!

By the way, have you guys checked the new SILVER TRUCKS video??? It´s out right now, and has some really good tricks from Danny and the rest of the team in Barcelona earlier this year! Check the new teaser here

Danny and the Silver team in Barcy!


Ohhhh and for those who asked about the songs from the last video we made:
1st song: all purpose djs - freeze oakland
2nd song: the notorious big - living in pain

terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008

Back in Barcy, again!!!

The crew at the secret spot in Vitoria!

So we spent the last 2 days skating, monday we woke up late after the Guru concert and end up skating the EMB spot, where Danny filmed a couple more tricks!!! And today we went to Vitoria again to meet our friend TETE and then we end up skating this really nice indoor miniramp at this secret warehouse!!! Just a friendly session!!! 100% fun!

The big news is that we already have another video on youtube!!! Check it out Danny mudering the flatbar at EMB in Bilbao!!!

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

You Know My Steez!!!!!!!!!

Danny - b/s bluntslide just to warm up!!!

Dino, Danny, Winks and some girl chilling at the Guru show!

The legendary GURU!

Straight out Harlem!!!

What a sunday!!! We went to this hubba where Danny put a line and a goooood single trick, then we went to this set of stairs and Danny went switch over the rail!!! So after the hammers we came back to the hotel, and got ready for the free GURU JAZZMATAZZ concert at the Bilbao City Festival!!! SOOOOOOO GOOD! He played a lot of gangstarr shit and there was a good vibe going on...
Well tomorrow we have to wake up early and go to the bank cause the machine ate Danny card, and then we are thinking about going to San Sebastian... We´ll see!!

sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

Visiting Javier Sarmiento at Vitoria!

The crew waiting for Javi...

Here´s the man!!!

WTF Danny?!?!?!

Yo Danny, stick to the skateboard bro!!!!

Switch 5-0 180º out to start the line!

Today we woke and went to meet our friends from here who took us to Vitoria, city of Javier Sarmiento, the city is kind small but it´s amazing!!! A lot of good spots! They took us to this new spot with some curve ledges.... Good vibe at the session, good to see Javi doing some switch flips to switch bs nosebluntslides!!! Tomorrow GURU is playing here for freeeeeee, everyone will come, and maybe we will go back to Vitoria and stay at Javi´s place for the rest of the trip!!

By the way check it out the new poll and help Danny out!!!


sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2008

Live from Bilbaooooooo!

We drive like Cardiel skates!!!

WTF? hahaha

This dude doesn´t even have a drivers license! hahaha FOR REAL!

Lunch in the middle of nowhere can cost you a lot of cake!

So what up guys!!! Here we´re in Bilbao, skating and having a gooooood time! We drove all the way from Barcy, it was pretty fun, 5 hours of high speeding, listening to good music and talking to friends is always good!

Today we had a really good session at this spot that the locals calls EMBARCADERO, well you can imagine how good is the spot just by the name! Danny got a nice line and we filmed a little video just for the blog... It will be here as soon as Winkle edit the whole thing...

See you gangsters tomorrow!

quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Next stop: Bilbao!!!

So today was pretty mellow, Danny filmed a few tricks with Winkle in Parallel and we arranged everything for the next trip, tomorrow morning we´re going to Bilbao, we wish Pablo was with us, but its all good. We rented a car and i think it will be a 6 hour drive to north. We´ll try to hit some spots in France too, hope it works! Check back for more news about this 6 day trip!!!
Ohhh here´s a pic from last week Brazilian Hip-Hop concert with Marcelo D2 here in Barcy:

That´s it for now... Peace!

terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

One more nasty monday down, a few to go!!!!

Danm, how crazy can a monday night be?!?!?! In Barcelona mondays are the definition of crazy, if you stay on the streets you might be able to see it all happening, from crazy guys in a wheelchair fighting to shemales pick-pocketing drunk tourists, if you are lucky enough you can even find yourself a gorgeous swedish girl to watch the whole freak show together, and trust me, it´s mad funny! hahahaha

Anyways, we made it through one more nasty monday! Today we´ll be calling the VOLCOM team manager in europe to see if we can go to Bilbao for a weekend... Hope it works, it will be funny to drive 6 hours with the crew across Spain to hit some good spots...

That´s it for now...

Ohhh by the way our friend and photographer Rodrigo Kbeça have sent us some pics from the Prague contest, check it out:

Danny - nollie caballerial

Danny - nollie flip

Ok, now you guys tell me: is it smooooooooth or what?!?!?!

domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Danny Cerezini Day in the Life video is up!!! Video de um dia na vida do Danilo!!!

Whats up!!! Good news, I just uploaded a video that Danny made back in 2006, it was for a TV in Brasil, kind like a day in the life style but the video never came out... It´s in portuguese, but there´s a lot of skateboarding on it! So go watch it!!!

In other news, night life is pretty crazy in here, so we might take a break and go to Bilbao for a week or so, check out new spots and chill at the Volcom´s house... I hope it works, cause if so, there´s gonna be a lot updates to come.....


Ae pra galera do Brasa, to colocando um video de um Dia na vida do Danilo em 2006 lá na califa, o video era pra sair na sportv, mas acabou nunca indo pro ar, então agora ta aí pra vocês!!!! Valeu e fiquem na paz!!!!!

quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2008

BIG and Danny in Spain!

The brazilian pic nic!

Danny feeling the beats before landing his trick.

Mad props from the photographer.

No, we´re not giving up on the blog!!! We´re just having some trouble to go out and skate when its 40Cº!!!! But today we had a good session, Danny went to Molins de Rei to shoot some pictures for a Volcom AD, it was funny cause i had a little boom box and Danny was like "Put some BIG on and i´ll land the trick!" Said and done! With Hypnotize playing out loud it only took 2 trys before he lands his trick while the young girls around were tripping on Danny hahaha what a fresh motherfucker!!!

By the way, Danny said thanx for everyone that voted at the poll!!!! Youy guys will be triping on his upcoming video part!


sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2008

No use for a topic.

Sorry guys, how hard is to keep a promisse?!?! hahaha No photos of Danny or Jani skating, well at least not for now... This week like i told before was pretty melow because of the heat, lets see how the weekend is gonna be... So here´s a small clip that I´ve made in Warsaw, Poland of Danny warming up:

Today is the last day to vote on our poll, any sugestions of what´s the new poll should be??? Let us know!!