domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

You Know My Steez!!!!!!!!!

Danny - b/s bluntslide just to warm up!!!

Dino, Danny, Winks and some girl chilling at the Guru show!

The legendary GURU!

Straight out Harlem!!!

What a sunday!!! We went to this hubba where Danny put a line and a goooood single trick, then we went to this set of stairs and Danny went switch over the rail!!! So after the hammers we came back to the hotel, and got ready for the free GURU JAZZMATAZZ concert at the Bilbao City Festival!!! SOOOOOOO GOOD! He played a lot of gangstarr shit and there was a good vibe going on...
Well tomorrow we have to wake up early and go to the bank cause the machine ate Danny card, and then we are thinking about going to San Sebastian... We´ll see!!

2 comentários:

gerardo disse...

y las canciones favoritas??

Marlon Rodrigues disse...

Sumemo muleke
curto teu rolê
se parece ser humilde !
acompanho você desde quando se era amador !!
Tava vendo o vídeo de CPH 2008, tu tava junto com meus camaradas daqui. William Secco e Léo Giacon !!

Digital - Imagine ..
i'm watch everyday man !!

Hugs !