quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2008

BIG and Danny in Spain!

The brazilian pic nic!

Danny feeling the beats before landing his trick.

Mad props from the photographer.

No, we´re not giving up on the blog!!! We´re just having some trouble to go out and skate when its 40Cº!!!! But today we had a good session, Danny went to Molins de Rei to shoot some pictures for a Volcom AD, it was funny cause i had a little boom box and Danny was like "Put some BIG on and i´ll land the trick!" Said and done! With Hypnotize playing out loud it only took 2 trys before he lands his trick while the young girls around were tripping on Danny hahaha what a fresh motherfucker!!!

By the way, Danny said thanx for everyone that voted at the poll!!!! Youy guys will be triping on his upcoming video part!


2 comentários:

marcelo disse...

salve danilo...mtu style as fotos vey !!! esse pico eh bem classico em...vixi!!
boa sorte ai...fica na paz!!!

lukas mäder photography disse...

yo danilo, you have to come to switzerland for shooting some photos with us and film some tricks.. email me it's not far away.. regards