quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Next stop: Bilbao!!!

So today was pretty mellow, Danny filmed a few tricks with Winkle in Parallel and we arranged everything for the next trip, tomorrow morning we´re going to Bilbao, we wish Pablo was with us, but its all good. We rented a car and i think it will be a 6 hour drive to north. We´ll try to hit some spots in France too, hope it works! Check back for more news about this 6 day trip!!!
Ohhh here´s a pic from last week Brazilian Hip-Hop concert with Marcelo D2 here in Barcy:

That´s it for now... Peace!

Um comentário:

Flavio disse...

fala podrera

o marcelo falou que vcs se trombaram ai ahahahhaha estilo

to aqui com ele esses dias fazendo as fotos pro cd novo dele na casa do cara que faz os discos do BEASTIE BOYS......só alegria....

to voltando pro brasa semana que vem.... se falamos :>