sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2008

Live from Bilbaooooooo!

We drive like Cardiel skates!!!

WTF? hahaha

This dude doesn´t even have a drivers license! hahaha FOR REAL!

Lunch in the middle of nowhere can cost you a lot of cake!

So what up guys!!! Here we´re in Bilbao, skating and having a gooooood time! We drove all the way from Barcy, it was pretty fun, 5 hours of high speeding, listening to good music and talking to friends is always good!

Today we had a really good session at this spot that the locals calls EMBARCADERO, well you can imagine how good is the spot just by the name! Danny got a nice line and we filmed a little video just for the blog... It will be here as soon as Winkle edit the whole thing...

See you gangsters tomorrow!

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