terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

One more nasty monday down, a few to go!!!!

Danm, how crazy can a monday night be?!?!?! In Barcelona mondays are the definition of crazy, if you stay on the streets you might be able to see it all happening, from crazy guys in a wheelchair fighting to shemales pick-pocketing drunk tourists, if you are lucky enough you can even find yourself a gorgeous swedish girl to watch the whole freak show together, and trust me, it´s mad funny! hahahaha

Anyways, we made it through one more nasty monday! Today we´ll be calling the VOLCOM team manager in europe to see if we can go to Bilbao for a weekend... Hope it works, it will be funny to drive 6 hours with the crew across Spain to hit some good spots...

That´s it for now...

Ohhh by the way our friend and photographer Rodrigo Kbeça have sent us some pics from the Prague contest, check it out:

Danny - nollie caballerial

Danny - nollie flip

Ok, now you guys tell me: is it smooooooooth or what?!?!?!

2 comentários:

Lucas da Silva Minhoca disse...

style firmaaaaaaa

marcelo disse...

salve firma..ta bom demais!! hahahaha