sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

Visiting Javier Sarmiento at Vitoria!

The crew waiting for Javi...

Here´s the man!!!

WTF Danny?!?!?!

Yo Danny, stick to the skateboard bro!!!!

Switch 5-0 180º out to start the line!

Today we woke and went to meet our friends from here who took us to Vitoria, city of Javier Sarmiento, the city is kind small but it´s amazing!!! A lot of good spots! They took us to this new spot with some curve ledges.... Good vibe at the session, good to see Javi doing some switch flips to switch bs nosebluntslides!!! Tomorrow GURU is playing here for freeeeeee, everyone will come, and maybe we will go back to Vitoria and stay at Javi´s place for the rest of the trip!!

By the way check it out the new poll and help Danny out!!!


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