sexta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2008

Last weekend in Barcelona...

So this euro trip is coming to an end, this is the last weekend of Danny in Barcy, he´s going back to LA on the 26 and then he´s thinking about going to Brasil for a couple weeks in the begining of september. The crew will keep in touch and the blog will go on!! Pablo is already back in Brasil working hard check his blog, Winkle will be filming Jani Laitiala in Barcy and maybe in another places around europe, much props for this guy for helping this Blind video... and me, Felipe, i´ll be going to Russia to kick with my friends from Santa Cruz and then i´ll go for a lonely mission in Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Slovenia and Croacia looking for more brand new spots to hit in the next euro tour!!!

Well that´s it for now, tomorrow Danny is going to skate the banks to ledge spot in Molins de Rey, i´ll try to get some footie for you guys!!!

By the way, have you guys checked the new SILVER TRUCKS video??? It´s out right now, and has some really good tricks from Danny and the rest of the team in Barcelona earlier this year! Check the new teaser here

Danny and the Silver team in Barcy!


Ohhhh and for those who asked about the songs from the last video we made:
1st song: all purpose djs - freeze oakland
2nd song: the notorious big - living in pain

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marcelo disse...

eai danilo a sua entrevista na SKT vai sair em qual mes?
sera q vc sabe?