domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Danny Cerezini Day in the Life video is up!!! Video de um dia na vida do Danilo!!!

Whats up!!! Good news, I just uploaded a video that Danny made back in 2006, it was for a TV in Brasil, kind like a day in the life style but the video never came out... It´s in portuguese, but there´s a lot of skateboarding on it! So go watch it!!!

In other news, night life is pretty crazy in here, so we might take a break and go to Bilbao for a week or so, check out new spots and chill at the Volcom´s house... I hope it works, cause if so, there´s gonna be a lot updates to come.....


Ae pra galera do Brasa, to colocando um video de um Dia na vida do Danilo em 2006 lá na califa, o video era pra sair na sportv, mas acabou nunca indo pro ar, então agora ta aí pra vocês!!!! Valeu e fiquem na paz!!!!!

3 comentários:

marcelo disse...

nossa valeu mesmooo!!!hahaha

Danny disse...

that was sick shit at volcom danny

thales disse...

style qual o nome do som q rola na hora da carreta?