terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008

Top 3 Danny Cerezini!

Top 3 – Danilo Cerezini

-3 countries you have visited:

Greece, Spain, Venezuela

-3 countries you wanna go soon:

Portugal, Italy, Brasil

-3 things that you are looking forward on this tour:

Be focus about getting different tricks in different spots.

Touring with a small crew always helps you get more things done

Get to know more places of the world

-3 reasons why you spend summer in Brasil:

Family, Friends and all the Hot Hot Girls.

-3 parts for the next Blind video:

Ronnie Creager for sure!

Filipe Ortiz is gonna have a killer part.

Grant Paterson

-3 best video parts of all time:

Rodrigo Lima – Shorty´s How to go Pro

Rodrigo Tx – Can´t Stop The Firm

Guy Mariano – Lakai Fully Flared

-3 reasons that makes Europe different from the other places:

The amazing spots, marble everywhere... I wish Brasil was like that!

The freedom.

The culture of all the countries.

-3 european skaters:

Jesus Fernandez, Javier Sarmiento, Daniel Lebron

-3 european girls:

The naughty Swedish ones

The Sexy Italian ones

And the ones from Prague, only whos been there knows what i´m talking about! hahaha

-3 places you love in Barcelona:

Macba All Day

Fiesta Too Good

Playa for sureeeeeeee!

-3 good things about the european contests:

There´s always a lot of hot girls!

Hanging out with friends from all over.

And if I make some money out it, even better!

-3 bad things about the european contests:

Waking up early.

It´s always mad hot!

When it rains.

-3 memories about winning The King of the Road 2007:

Me helping the Blind team WIN!

What that represents for the company and the for myself as a skater.

Getting a chance to do it all over again in 2008!

-3 things you wanna say:

Today is the day, yesterday is the book of knowledge and tomorow is the sum of all the events

Be important to yourself.

Live the now, cause time goes by and never comes back!

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pcsolotto disse...

that's way too cool.

kataRina disse...

"And the ones from Prague, only whos been there knows what i´m talking about! hahaha"

made me laugh((:


Anônimo disse...

puff puff pass killa

Party like a RockStar kid!