sexta-feira, 27 de junho de 2008

Denmark: Day 2!!! The skatepark is on fire....

Blind rippers! Danny and Jani!

This is how they chill!

Babybowl session:

Party time!

Getting things done! Danny (nollie noseblunt), Winkle and Pablo!

Danny - s/s flip over the eurogap!

Jan:i s/s 360 flip over the eurogap!

So I must say that we just LOVEEEE this city, there´s an awesome vibe around here! It was raining in the morning so no street spots, we went straight to the contest, and what a surprise to see a pretty melow course, everyone loved it! Everyone got to know that those guys from the skatepark of tampa, are masters in how to organize a contest. Remember back in the day when everyone used to show up for the european summer contests?? It wasn´t because of the money, it was because of the fun!! And today everyone had a great time!

The warm up was heavyyyy, everyone was on fire: Koston, Rogers, Kennedy, Jani, Luypa, Janonski, Biebel, Matt Beach!!!!!!!!!, Marnell, Pudwill, Petersen, Getz, Brenes.... I can keep going with name for a few lines...
Danny was killing it too, wait to see the sequence of the nollie noseblunt slide at the banks!! BUTTER!!!

After the warm up they did a babybowl contest, and Danny was invited to be part of it with Koston and Beach!!! Mad funny!
Then there was a barbecue with free beers to everyone and some really nice DJS playing! Ohhh and I must not forget the pretty ladys all over the place!

So after all that we finally went to an after party at the VEGA club, once again everyone was there! Good news is that the contest does not starts until 2 pm!
Thumbs up for the organization of the contest!!! Check out the live broadcast at .

For more photos of the contest check Pablo´s (the photographer) website .

Cya tomorow! Peaceeeee

And keep sending questions!


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pedro disse...

E ae danilo?!é Pedro de novo....
quero q tu volte com um desses champs ai em primeirão rapá ,blz?!rs
Arquitetura desse street bem manera han!
Vai q é tua Danilooo