quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2008

Prague: day 4. Fun never ends!!!!!!!!!

Danny smooooooth back flip!

Amazing place!

Danny and Pablo were stoked!

Felipe (yes, myself!!!) bouncing!!!

Winkle and his belly mates!

The back of the van!

The sexiest dude! hahahaha

Chima Ferguson jumping over the 10 meters!

Winkle went Japan in Czech Republic!

All photos by Pablo Vaz.

So today we woke up with our local friend Thomas Vintr calling us to go out and swimin, he pick us up and then we picked our mate from australia Chima Fergunson at the skatepark, and after 1 hour driving into the countryside of Czech Republic, we reached this amazing placeeeeeee! I was so stoked that i was the first one to run and jump over the cliff!!! Danny had a pretty smooth back flip, Winkle had some good moves aswell (the nud grab jump style was Gangster!) Everyone had fun, until the rain starts, but it was all good... Now we just had lunch and we´re hading to the skatepark for a session! Tomorow the competiton starts for the european, so we´ll be hiting some street spots if the weather help us!

Thanks for Thomas for showing us this spot!

Sorry for the delay of the video from Copenhagen, but I promisse it will be up tomorowwwwww!


Felipe and Pablo stealing some wi-fi on the streets!