quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

Prague: day 3.

The storie behind this pic is funny: After the contest Danny was chilling in the back with his homies, when he heard that the best trick contest was starting, so he grabed his board, tried a few nollie kickflips on the flat, and then banggggggggg 5 tries later he got 2nd place at the hardest trick contest!

Photo by: SK8site.com

So today we kept it melow again, it´s mad hot in here 36º c 0r almost 100ºf... The session at Stalin was just for fun, but our friends from www.sk8site.com were working hard!!! So was Winkle filming and skating!!! Watch out for a sequence of him droping here soon!

Cya tomorow cause today we´re gonna party!


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