quarta-feira, 30 de julho de 2008

Barcy is melting right now!!!!

I know, long time no news, I´m sorry but things are pretty mellow in Barcy right now, it´s mad hot so we can´t go out and skate before 6. Danny is skating flat at Uni pretty much everyday since skate is banned in MACBA! To bad, but that´s the way it is...
So today we saw Jani Laitiala in town, he´s staying at Winkle´s place and we are going out for a day of skating tomorrow!!! Day of skating with Danny and Jani = more pictures! And i´m gonna try to film a game of skate between them!!! So check back tomorrow!!

In meantime you can check Danny´s first video part, filmed when he was only 15/16 years old!!!


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Pedro disse...

chego destroindo nos estates......
Segundo lugar no tampa,no meio dos (CARAS sem duvida) e depois c sua parte no really sorry.
Flip,fury,vans e hank clothing... eram seus sponsors,hehehe
skate no pé e paz!