terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008

Frankfurt, Germany: day 1

Yo dudes, take everything out! We can only carry 15 kilos each! hahaha

Danny is wanted for trespassing...

...and for murdering those ledges! nollie heelflip f/s tailslide!

this spot is huge and has everything!

They were working... on their tans! hahaha

Is your videomaker this funny?

Is your TM this gnarly? hahaha

Is your photographer this smooth?

Is your crew this good looking? hahaha

Photos by Pablo Vaz.

Well last night we got here pretty late, after get ripped off by the flight company in 200 euros because of luggage overweight... It´s all good cause things still working for us.

Our friend Otto and his wife were waiting for us at 3 in morning. They took us home and when we woke up this morning and they have prepared a niceeeee breakfast for us, after that we took the train to Frankfurt downtown to meet some locals. They showed us this really nice spot that they have built in a wasteland!!! Amazing! Danny was feeling it, and in a few hours he landed amazing tricks, just today he got 3 really good single tricks and a buttery line!!! Seems like this spot will be seen in the upcoming blind video!!!

Thanks for all the locals to let us skate there and much respect for making that place real!

Danny is on fire, can´t wait for tomorrow!


2 comentários:

marcelo disse...

picozinho style demaisss em danilo!!!
pazz aii!

Pedro disse...

Pico bem manero esse...........e um ótimo dia p depois do rolé toma aquela geladaaa,rs!!!