sexta-feira, 20 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Day 2

Day 2 - Friday 13/march/2009

Well the day started much like the last one, we woke up chilled on the internet for a bit, then we had that amazing lunch at the restaurant and called Rodrigo again. This time we went to the Curitiba skate plaza, the place is great!! We meet Rodrigo´s brother Rafael whos lives in Barcelona over there, if you ever in Barcy, go talk to him and he´ll show you all the spots around!

Anyway, Danny was killing all day long at the plaza, and end up the day trying a pretty HARD trick down the banks, Rodrigo took Winkle´s place this weekend and was filming Danny all the time! I mean, the deadline for the BLIND VIDEO is gone, but i´m sure they can always find a place for some crazy trick in his part while the video is not out yet!

After a nice sunset, we headed back home to get ready for one more party, Snoop Dogg´s DJ was playing in town that night, we went there, but the club didn´t open the doors until almost 1 am so chaos took place in the outside, and after waiting for almost 2 hours, we decided to leave for another party, actually a surf/skate party at this nice club. They even had a mini ramp demo at the place plus the hot females and the good music!!! Guess what time we got back home?

It was switchstance and it had some kickflip involved, now you do the math!

Rafael Petersen and Rodrigo Petersen!

Colored sunset at the plaza!

Snack time after the session.

More tomorrow guys!! Please leave a message if you dig it!

Ae rapaziada! Tudo certo?!?! Valeu ai por todo mundo que tem entrado no blog, eu sei que não é todo mundo que entende inglês, mas as vezes fica complicado colocar tudo em 2 linguas, então se tiver algo que alguem queira saber, só deixar uma mensagem perguntando. Ou comentem se vcs curtirem as matérias aqui do blog!


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