domingo, 22 de março de 2009

Weekend at Danny´s: Day 3

The day pretty much started as usual, but we were pretty wasted from the night before hehehe! So when Rodrigo called us again, we were not sure if we were feeling like skating, but Danny is a warrior and decided to give it a shot!

We headed to the spot that end up being right in front of the Curitiba´s "White House", when we got there Rodrigo was already filming a line, and I guess that made Danny hyped, cause his warm up trick was a noseblunt slide first try, straight outta the car! DDDDDamn! Well Danny landed the same line 3 times just to make sure it was good enough for a video and we bounced to the skate plaza where Danny´s brother Bruno was was chilling with some friends, we skated for a bit more and then chilled with the crew.

By now you guys should already know how we celebrate a good day like this right?!?!?! PARTY! I guess it was lady nights out or something, cause things were wild until 8 in the morning!!!

Kickflip f/s nosebluntslide with Rodrigo behind the lens!

Kickflip f/s crooked grind.

Danny and his ride!

The crew having some beers at the skate plaza!

Check back tomorrow for the last update of this weekend at Danny´s!

Hasta luego!

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