quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2009

For Poland!

First I would like to say that Poland is amazing for 2 reasons: The skaters in there and the amazing skate spots!!! We had an awesome time in Warsaw last year and it was all thanks to our friend Kuba! He loves skateboarding so much that i could talk about it for hours! Kuba also runs this great magazine called INFOMAGAZINE and in their very last issue there´s a profile with Danny!

So go spend your Polish Zlotys with something that trully supports skateboarding and buy this mag:

Also you can support the DSK FAMILY by shopping here:

Thanks again Kuba, and Poland for the support (Poland is actually the 4th country that more checks this blog!!), so much love to POLAND straight outta BRAZIL!

The man Kuba and his large collection ov magazines and vhs!!

Our tour guides and our awesome van!

The crew and Kuba and the very last minute of our time in Warsaw!


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sfah disse...

I'm also from Poland thanks for good words about my country and friends.

sfah disse...

Hello Felipe! How are you doin man? Thank you for some good words. Nice. Felipe, could you send me your e mail adress? i had some problems with my computer and i lost all the contacts... i wanted to write to you, keep in touch, but i didnt knew how. i forgot about these coments. hope you read them. my e mail is kuba@infomagazine.pl. i would like to send you guys few copies of a mag. take care Kuba Perzyna.

Łukasz disse...