quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

The Blind Video Throwaway Wednesdays #3

Here’s the third in a series of throwaway clips leading up to the premiere of The Blind Video on May 7 in Orange County, California. Each Wednesday Transworld Website will be posting a new one up. This one’s got James Craig, Jake Duncombe, Danny Cerezini, Jani Laitiala, Grant Patterson, Morgan Smith, Ronnie Creager, and Filipe Ortiz.

Danny has a killer line in Frankfurt Germany in it, and if that´s not good enough for the video then I don´t know what to expect!! The video is gonna be GNARLY!!!! Check it out:

Plus BLIND has a microsite for the video where you can register to watch it first!!! You can check it by clicking here.

That´s it for now! Have fun!


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