quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

The Blind Video Throwaway Wednesdays #1

You guys better head over to the TRANSWORLD WEBSITE and check the new BLIND feature over there! Each wednesday they will be posting some unused footage from the upcoming video!

Also make sure you check this new video part from the old man Bill Weiss, for those who don´t know, he´s the Blind team manager, and yes he knows the difference between a 540º and a Mctwist! By the way, where´s the naked footage Bill??? hahaha

Happy Easter everyone!

Feliz Páscoa a todos!

2 comentários:

Rodrigo disse...

Uma feliz páscoa pra ti também bro..

sabe que pode contar cmg

forte abraxxx

Danny disse...

Felipe !


Hope you remember these good times. This is my re-edit of Silver Barcelona, Danny, your part is around the fourth minute.

Enjoy, and lets go skate when you're in CA.