quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2008

News straight outta Brasil!

Danny, his brother (in red) and some friends getting ready for another crazy party in Brasil!

Danny, Cezar Gordo and Fabio Cristiano in LA.

Danny and the brazilian swoosh SB team in LA.

Danny, Gordo and Perterson on the way to LAX!

So... Okay now it´s offical the next post will be the interview, i just need some time to organize all the pictures. For now, Danny still in Brasil, relaxing traveling, partying... Living the good life we all know!!! He´s also getting some physical therapy sessions to recover his body from all the hard work... No big deal, but you know kids, it´s better be safe than sorry!! He´ll be back to Cali in the beginning of october.

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