sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

A hell of a Saturday!

So here some news straight outta CALI! Last weekend the Blind team did a demo at the SKATELAB park in the Valley, which was pretty epic, i mean, Ronnie Creager and Sean Sheffey in the same demo, you can´t go wrong with that!!! Danny had some good shit in there too, check the video for the highlights:

After the demo, the Blind team went to a school nearby where Danny filmed a pretty tight line!!! Here´s some pics of the day!!

B/S Tailslide for warm ups!

Danny And Diego after the demo, you r gonna hear more about this guy pretty soon!

The Blind Crew!

Sheffey, Cerezini and Romar.

Skatelab park!

That´s it for now...

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nakalada disse...

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