quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

Almost there!

So first of all Danny would like to thank everyone who voted for him at the maloof money cup!! there is 13 winners plus 5 alternates, Danny is the 2nd name they are gonna call if someone give up on that contest, so we will see, lets keep the positive thoughts!!! Here is the list

Kurtis Colamonico
Adam Dyet
David Gonzales
Mike Vallely
Lizard King
Kevin “Spanky” Long
Billy Marks
Mikey Taylor
Tony Trujillo
Rodrigo TX
Brandon Westgate
Stevie Williams
Bobby Worrest

Pete Eldridge
Danny Cerezini
Sierra Fellers
Nick Trapasso


3 comentários:

byron disse...

que pasa mihijo si o no????????????????

Anônimo disse...

o danny tem como vc add nos no orkut pq eu nao concigui manda oconvite do orkut pra add vc .... meu orkut eh o neto e polly vc entro nele esse dia ... c vc nao quize blz flw abrcao i sussesso pra vc ai flw (neto)

Pedro Parrini disse...

Isso ai cerezini.........ta quase lá!!!!