sábado, 1 de novembro de 2008

More news and videos!

So here are the news: Danny is going back to cali on november 5th for a month after staying in brazil for a while. He´ll be filming his last tricks for the blind video that should be out sooooooon!
Speaking about the video check it out the new trailer and dont forget to check the new Blind website!

The Blind video new trailer:

Here some other footage of Danny:

And remember Danny´s last summer tour?? Well Winkle edited a new video but this time you guys are gonna see how we roll without a skateboard yo!!!! Funny times in the countryside of Czech Republic! Thanks to Lucas and Thomas: check it out the videooooo:

That´s it for now! More pics coming sooooon!

Ae valeu todo mundo ai que comentou!! E pode deixar que logo mais os sons vão estar atualizados aqui no blog!!! Abraçossss!


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Anônimo disse...

guela esssa imagem du danilo fumando...tiraaa... nao queima

Colletividade skatevideo disse...
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Colletividade skatevideo disse...

mo paz pico naipe